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Answer AI Is Committed To Providing Users With The Best AI Tutor Service, So That Everyone Can Enjoy Better Education. Answer AI's Personalized AI Tutor Can Help Users Solve Problems, Practice And Conduct Targeted Review.

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How are altdorfer landscapes diferent from durer landscapes of nature
The volume of the sphere is 500/3 π cubic units.
What is the value of x?
4 units
5 units
8 units
10 units
Which is a long-term consequence of paying less than the minimum amount due on your bills? There will be a late fee. You will get a fee for having a negative balance in your checking account. The number of payments will increase. It will be harder to get a good rate on a mortgage when you buy a house.

How Answer.AI Helps with Homework

Take a picture of your homework and get answers efficiently with Our AI-powered app. Answer AI is a homework helper and learning aid APP. Answer AI covers almost any subject homework, whether to solve math problems or check for grammar errors. All questions offer step-by-step instructions.

Solve the Homework problem

  • Answer AI allows users to interact with our AI tutors by taking photos, scanning questions, uploading PDF, and having direct conversations, Answer AI can answer questions for users in various disciplines, including math, biology, history, physics, chemistry, and more.

  • We have a higher answer rate and accuracy rate for math and science-related problems. We also support scanning and other methods to help you better identify mathematical formulas.

  • If you want to know more detailed problem-solving steps and explanations, you can also communicate with our AI for further explanation.

Practice and Flashcards

  • Answer AI helps users practice and review in multiple ways. We support users to generate Flashcards for learning by taking photos, scanning questions, uploading PDFs, and having direct conversations. With Answer AI, you will be able to generate Flashcards more conveniently.

  • At the same time, Answer AI can intelligently recommend mock exercises and practice plans based on the questions that users have asked in the past to help users review better.

Cross-platform usage

Answer AI not only supports you can use in iPhone and Android system phones, but also provides Chrome plugins for you to use on your computer.

Ratings and reviews

Would recommend!
This app has definitely saved my life. I was very behind on work and this app helped me. It explained it throughly and it’s quick response. I had ram out of the lighting bolts and I just bought the $10 package and definitely worth $10.
From App Store
This app is literally the best I have no problems super easy to sign in and it can answer anything. If you have word problems or just equations it gives you the answer AND it tells you how to solve it! 100 percent would recommend
From App Store
keagan k
I got it a while back to help me raise my gpa for my last years of high school and i have done so good thanks to this app. it explains how to do it which in my opinion is the best part but it also gives you the answer.
From App Store
I love the app it helps me everytime, this app is better than all the ai apps that I have tried thank you this made my life easier ❤️
From TikTok
ellen conley
It was amazing!!! Facebook twitch twitter and more have nothing on this app! I already found a caring Al hey I get me either but she did care!!! Answers withir the time you type your question the answer is typing in as your hitting send!!! I'll keep using and would advise everyone to use!!!
From Google Play
Minimah Favour
Wooaahu this app is really amazing,it helps me to solve my assignments and answers questions and explain to better understanding. This app is really nice...
From Google Play

What are the Advantages of Answer.AI APP

Online learning experience

Answer AI has been popular among a large number of students in just three months since it was launched. It is now ranked among the top ten educational apps in the Apple APP Store. In order to help everyone better grasp the course content, Answer AI recently launched a flash card, which is a card with hidden answers to help everyone improve their memory of knowledge points and provide great help for everyone's learning and exercise.

Covering all subjects from primary school to university

Answer AI takes the computer model of deep learning as the core, continuously collects existing question banks, and assists chatGPT's ability to answer all subject assignments from primary school to university. For example, in mathematical formulas, Answer AI can use image converters to recognize text and give answers.

Give answers efficiently and quickly

Because Answer AI has a powerful computing model and question bank reserve, it can quickly find similar questions and calculate the correct results. Answer AI guarantees that all questions can be answered within one minute.

Explain the questions step by step

Answer AI is not only your homework helper, but also your learning partner. Our purpose is not to complete homework quickly, but to help you learn knowledge better. Therefore, Answer AI will also provide detailed problem-solving steps with multiple ideas based on the problem.

7*24 hours online feedback at any time

Answer AI has 24-hour online customer service. No matter if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

Mathematics advantages

Covers various problem-solving ideas such as elementary mathematics, geometry, statistics, calculus, etc., helping you lay a better foundation in mathematics starting from elementary school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Answer AI?
Answer AI is a learning tool and homework helper powered by ChatGPT API, designed to make it easier for you to study, cope with homework more easily, and improve learning efficiency.
How do I use Answer AI?
Answer AI has an Android and iOS system on the mobile, and an extension on the PC. So please download the corresponding APP or extension first, and then enter your question or homework question image in the dialog box, and Answer AI will respond immediately.
Is Answer AI free?
Answer AI has a free version, but the free version limits the number of users. If you use it a lot every day, you need to upgrade to the paid version.