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Which strategy would be most helpful in determining the meaning of the word “scalpel”? replacing “scalpel” with the nearby synonym “blade” substituting the word “object” for the word “scalpel” using context clues “away from her gloved fingers” becoming familiar with prefixes, roots, and suffixes
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__________ is the most common type of stretching. a. Active b. Ballistic c. Passive d. Static Which principle of exercise is concerned with maintaining a challenging workout a. balance b. regularity c. progression d. overload
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Which of these statements most accurately describes currencies in North America?
All countries in North America use the US dollar
All countries in North America use the euro.
North American countries have done away with separate currencies.
Each country in North America uses its own currency.
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Language that goes beyond the literal meanings of words to create special effects or feelings is called ____ language.
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Kahulugan ng kalayaan
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Which statement best explains why the evidence provided
in the text is a fallacy?
The speaker uses anecdotal evidence with phrases like
eating nice dinners."
The speaker uses a bandwagon statement by
complaining that other nations prosper.
The speaker uses an ad hominem argument by
attacking an opponent's honesty.
The speaker uses a false dilemma by claiming to have a
plan while an opponent does not.
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Which are true about participles? Check all that apply.

Participles modify nouns.
Participles modify pronouns.
Participles modify verbs.
Participles modify conjunctions.
Participles modify adverbs
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I put the wrong answers

Streets and highways are
most slippery

A)When they are clean and dry

B)When it has been raining hard for several hours

C) just after it starts to rain
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2. Ginagamit ito sa pormal na edukasyon.
a Wikang Panturo
b. Wikang Ingles
c. Wikang Opisyal
d. Bilinggwal​
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ano ang tungkulin ng pamahalaan?​