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Social Studies
Who regulates markets where investments are traded? 
individual investorsthe federal governmentcorporate entitiesfinancial institutions
Social Studies
People who have a common cultural background and a common sense of identity.
Social Studies
When creating a budget, you must track both your budgeted expenses and your [blank] expenses.

A. Actual
B. Potential
C. Likely

Social Studies
The sixth and eighth amendments reflect the purpose of the Bill of Rights toprotect the rights of citizens.describe the separation of powers.assert the authority of the federal government.outline the federal system.
Social Studies
A down payment is an upfront payment of ____________ to make a purchase.




Social Studies
In his comments, Reagan says Carter has misrepresented the evidence because he has
Social Studies
Where should non essential passengers stand during the fueling process?
Social Studies
The average adult in the US watches _____ hours of television each week.
a. 12
b. 16
c. 28
d. 48
Please select the best answer from the choices provided.
Social Studies
Which characteristic of a successful entrepreneur does edison exhibit in this quote? drive, self-confidence, and a clear vision of a goal an ability to learn from mistakes and adapt to new knowledge a willingness to take responsibility for success or failure a sense of responsibility to society?
Social Studies
Mariah was in an accident and lost her life because