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Which of the following is NOT an effect of alcohol?

A. Slowed reaction time
B. Improved coordination
C. Altered vision and tracking
D. Inhibited comprehension
Before you enter an intersection on a green light, make
A. you can clear the intersection before the light turns red
B. you're traveling at the speed limit
C. you can see at least a quarter mile ahead
D. the car behind you knows they have a green light
On roads with lane signals, what does a yellow X mean?
A. The lane you're in is about to close or change directions.
B. The lane you're in is closed or is being used for oncoming traffic.
C. You're driving in the right direction, but you should slow down.
D. Yield ko vehicles changing lanes in front of you.
Why is it important to make sure a police report is properly filed after a collision?
A. It's the official account of what happened.
B. If you have the police file a report, you can't be fined.
C. If you have the police file a report, your insurance won't go up.
D. If there's no report, an auto repair shop won't fix your vehicle.
You can reduce your vehicle's blind spot by

a. installing large side mirrors

b. installing oblique mirrors

c. installing dynamic mirrors

d. installing flat mirrors
2. When adjusting your side mirrors, the horizon should be
A. above the center of
B. across the center of
C. below the center of
D. directly behind
The primary actions the state can take against your driver license are
A. revocation and denial
B. suspension and confiscation
C. cancellation, revocation, and suspension
D. renewal, revocation, and suspension
To combat overheating, keep a__
in your car.
A. can of gas
B. gallon of brake fluid
C. gallon of water
D. jumpstart cable
Which action can Congress not perform, according to the Constitution?
A. Passing a tax increase on corporations that do business outside
the United States
B. Overturning a state law because representatives feel it violates the
C. Refusing to confirm a nominee the president puts forward for a
Supreme Court vacancy
D. Overriding a presidential veto of a tax reduction with a two-thirds
Which of the following is considered ideal conditions? A. Low traffic B. Sunset C. Bad roads D. Rainy weather