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Which is a long-term consequence of paying less than the minimum amount due on your bills? There will be a late fee. You will get a fee for having a negative balance in your checking account. The number of payments will increase. It will be harder to get a good rate on a mortgage when you buy a house.
"Foam brightens like the dogwood now" is an example of
A. alliteration.
B. consonance.
C. a simile.
D. a metaphor.
Which quote from chapter 23 of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn contains sarcasm?
“But we don't want to be the laughing stock of this whole town, I reckon, and never hear the last of this thing as long as we live.”
“Walk fast now till you get away from the houses, and then shin for the raft like the dickens was after you!"
“They can turn it into a picnic if they want to—they brought plenty provisions.”
“But, Huck, dese kings o' ourn is reglar rapscallions; dat's jist what dey is.”
Which excerpt from The Odyssey best demonstrates the importance of perseverance in Greek society?
ook at the poster. Who is the target audience of this poster? people who travel or want to travel people who want to invest in a business people who study technological advances people who are looking for employment
What does this line of dialogue reveal about Rainsford’s character?
He is worried that the sailors may be correct about the island.
He is a rational man who is unaffected by superstition.
He is familiar with the island and its mysterious inhabitants.
He is interested in getting more information from the sailors.
"Pure imagination," said Rainsford. "One superstitious sailor can taint the whole ship's company with his fear."
Which words describe the relationship between Hrothgar and Beowulf?
What is MacGregor’s viewpoint in this passage? Look a little closer and you see that the beautiful wave is about to engulf three boats with frightened fishermen, and Mount Fuji is so small that you, the spectator, share the feeling that the sailors in the boats must have as they look to shore – it’s unreachable, and you are lost. This is, I think, an image of instability and uncertainty. The Great Wave tells us about Japan’s state of mind as it stood on the threshold of the modern world, which the US was soon going to force it to join.
Read the excerpt from a student’s essay. As Rainsford struggles in the water, the boat travels onward without him. Quickly, he retains his wits. Instead of panicking, he decides to head toward the sound of the gunshots. He does so _________ he realizes where there are gunshots, there are people. Hopefully, these people will be willing and able to help him. Which transition best fills in the blank?
A) specifically
B) absolutely
C) because
D) Later
Consider this image.

How could this image be used to enhance a multimedia presentation?

as an informative tool explaining how to transplant potted crops
as a persuasive device showing the potential of a community garden
as an informative tool providing the names and functions of plant parts
as a persuasive device proving the importance of irrigation systems