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In a mixed market economy, what is a typical way the government can reduce unemployment? The government can pay for projects to create work. The government can control new factories to provide jobs. The government can create new farm fields to hire workers. The government can raise taxes to encourage employment.
Which word (s) best describe personality? _____best describes personality.

a)Belief system
d)value system
Effective communication consists of __________.
a. verbal and nonverbal communication and speaking clearly and loudly
b. verbal communication and stereotyping
c. verbal and nonverbal communication and active listening skills
d. nonverbal communication and minimal interruptions
Safety and self-actualization are examples of __________. a. credibility appeals b. emotional appeals c. persuasive appeals d. logical appeals
To generate higher profit margins, producers must work to
increase their total supply.
increase their total expenses.
decrease their customer base.
decrease their production costs.
Which of the following is not a source of income A. Your monthly student loan payments B. The stipends you receive for doing an internship C. Your annual salary for doing your job D. The wages you receive after work shift
How can zoning laws be beneficial to a city’s residents?
a. They prevent new business development.
b. They can prevent new development that would harm established residents.
c. They limit the maximum height of buildings.
d. They restrict who can live in a city.
Which of the following statements about cover letters is false?
a. A cover letter gives an employer some insight into the applicant s personality.
b. A cover letter provides an employer with an sample of the applicant s written communication skills.
c. A cover letter is sent before a r sum so that the employer knows it is coming.
d. A cover letter allows an applicant to go more in depth about their skills and abilities.
Excess supply is created when price or ____ move away from the equilibrium point.
Savings should be treated as another type of gross income. net income. tax. expenditure.