Find Homework Answers in Biology
Who is credited with creating the first accurate model of dna
List the functions of proteins in the text area below.
Which of these is not a nervous system emergency?
a. allergic reaction
b. seizure
c. stroke
d. heart attack?
__________ contain all nine essential amino acids.
a. Simple carbohydrates
b. Incomplete proteins
c. Complete proteins
d. Complex carbohydrates
Narcotics act on the central nervous system by producing a what effect
How does resource availability affect the stability of a society? a. A greater number of available resources causes an immediate increase in population size, leading to a decrease in the stability of a society. b. In order for a society to be stable, it must have access to a sustainable supply of resources. c. A decrease in resource availability leads to an increase in the stability of a society. d. Resource availability does not affect the stability of a society
The human cardiovascular system is considered closed because __________.
a. blood is continuously circulated in the body.
b. blood provides nutrients to organs.
c. blood collects oxygen from the lungs
d. there are no holes for blood to enter or leave the system
Range of motion is the distance an object can travel when separated from another object. T OR F
A large portion of precipitation in the rainforest occurs as a result of _______.
a. perspiration
b. respiration
c. oxidation
d. transpiration please select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d
Which statement correctly describes the diagram?
A) The products of photosynthesis cannot be used by other organisms.
B) The products of respiration can be used by plants for photosynthesis.
C) The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs only in respiration.
D) The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs only in photosynthesis.