Find Homework Answers in Arts
Explain the difference between a piece of art and a craft.
How were Sumerian cylinder seals made? What was the purpose for the seals?
This print by Francis Jukes, entitled, Mount Vernon, is a beautiful example of ____________.
a. mezzotint
c. drypoint
b. engraving
d. aquatint
What motif is addressed in both forms of poetry? isolation night indulgence royalty?

Which elements keep you most interested in a fictional book?
Check any that apply.
an unsolved mystery
a story based on historical events
a love story
an action-packed story
a story about the future
Define the term, utilitarian. How can something be both utilitarian and fine art?
Describe the beginnings of the Hellenistic period and the changes that occurred in art as a result.
Explain the circumstance depicted by the images above? Include important Egyptian terms and names
What is a grotto?
a. a garden in front of the churches
b. a recess typically made of irregular stones and covered with artificial foliage
c. a stone pathway leading to the back of the nave of the church
d. none of the above
Which is the best paraphrase of Benvolio’s lines?

I am a peacekeeper, so put your sword away and tell your men that they must leave.
I cannot keep the peace, so hold your sword up and help me get these men to stop.
I am not interested in peace, so pull out your sword and fight these men with me.
I want to keep the peace, so put your sword away or use it to help me break up this brawl.