Who was Frederick Thomas Linwood?.
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The infamous Muffin Man, Frederic Thomas Linwood, is said to have resided on Drury Lane between 1589 and 1598. According to legend, Linwood lured youngsters into shadowy alleys with a muffin tied to a rope and then killed up to fifteen of them there.

Who was Frederic Thomas Linwood?

The Muffin Man and Drury Lane Dicer, also known as Frederic Thomas Lynwood, is thought to have murdered up to 15 children as well as seven competitor pastry makers between the years of 1589 and 1598 in England.

His moniker, The Muffin Man, alludes to the method of his murderous deeds.

According to local myth, Frederic used to tie a muffin to a string and tug the string while a kid tried to retrieve it, finally bringing the kid to his house and allowing him plenty of time to smack the kid out with a wooden spoon.

People frequently query if the Muffin Man would murder these kids or whether they genuinely perished from being thrashed with said wooden spoon.


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