A current of 1.8 A delivers 2.5 C of charge.

How much time was required?

A.)0.70 s
B.)0.72 s
C.)1.4 s
D.)4.5 s
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1.4 seconds which is the third option

Current is defined as the flow of charge per time
Therefore, the equation that relates current, charge and time can be expressed as follows:
I = ΔQ / ΔT
I is the current given = 1.8 ampere
ΔQ is the charge given = 2.5 coulomb
Δt is the time required for the flow of the given charges to give the 1.8 ampere.

Substitute with the givens in the above equation to get the time as follows:
1.8 = 2.5 / ΔT
ΔT = 2.5 / 1.8 = 1.38888 which is approximately 1.4 seconds

Hope this helps :)

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