The Karez well system _______.
a. was the first known use of wells
b. was a postindustrial system
c. transported groundwater from a distance
d. all of the above
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The correct answer is c. transported groundwater from a distance

It wasn't the first known use of wells as wells older than them were found in places like Cyprus and Egypt and Austria who were as old as 6000-8000 years before common era. It also wasn't a postindustrial system as it was used in ancient china in the expansion of trading during the silk road trading era. It only leaves C as the correct answer.
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1. Which BEST explains why Minoan civilization was able to develop its rich culture?
a. Its advanced war technology and tactics helped it conquer most of its neighbors and plunder their wealth and culture.
b. Its island location and trading activities allowed it to acquire ideas and technology from other civilizations.
C. Its abundant agriculture helped it become a food exporter, which led to great wealth.
d. Its extensive mining activities, especially gold and silver, attracted many scholars to Crete.

2. What other cultures influenced Minoan civilization?
a. the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations
b. the French and British civilizations
c. the Phoenician and Babylonian civilizations
d. the Roman and the Mongol civilizations

3. Why did the Mycenaeans come to power in the mainland and Crete?
a. They had the most advanced culture.
b. They inherited power from Minoans.
c. Their markets were the most prosperous.
d. They invaded and conquered the lands.

4. According to the text, what are some of the values apparent in the Iliad and the Odyssey?
a. equality, liberty, and justice
b. humor, hospitality, and humility
c. honor, courage, and eloquence
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a. The goddess Athena competes with the goddess Aphrodite.
b. The Trojan Paris kidnaps Helen, wife of a Greek king.
c. The Greek Odysseus stops worshiping Greek gods.
d. The Trojan Hector does battle with the Greek Achilles.
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