Which best describes the style of an argumentative essay?
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Group of answer choices.

A. academic

B. narrative

C. informal

D. descriptive


B. narrative


An argumentative essay (writing) can be defined as an expression of a writer's position (stance) on a subject matter or topic.

A claim can be defined as a statement that is used by a writer to prove, substantiate or support an argument. Thus, a claim is an assertive statement expressed by a writer to prove that an argument is true or real.

This ultimately implies that, when writers engage in an argument or write an argumentative essay, they make use of a claim to state (express) their opinions about the subject matter or topic.

On a related note, the style of an argumentative essay is best described as a narrative because it's written with the intention of forming an opinion about a subject, building an evidence-based argument, making clear points, and conveying this information to an audience.

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