What do the articles of the Constitution explicitly outline?

A.The protection of individual rights to practice any religion
B.The process by which slavery is to be abolished
C.The process by which congressional representatives are allocated to states
D.The responsibility of Congress for declaring war and commanding the military
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The articles of the constitution explicitly outline the process by which congressional representatives are allocated to states.

Further Explanation:

One representative in the United States legislature represents 711,000 voters who vote directly, as directed by the “Article of Confederation”. These representatives are appointed to their respective states and are also directly liable to their citizens. The articles in the constitution outline their responsibilities towards their respective states and citizens as well.

The Instituting members designed the legislative branch with a bicameral division comprising of “The House of Representatives” and “The Senate”. The House of Representatives with 435 members who are responsible for the wellbeing of the citizens they represent, while the Senate includes 100 adherents representing their states’ government interests. Apart from this, the constitutional power is entrusted in the hands of the President who is the administrating officer of the “Federal government”.

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