Which ideas are associated with the term Edwardian? restrained elegance in art, fashion, and architecture overindulgence and lavish spending equal rights and opportunities for all a strong belief in fate and predestination
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Edwardian is the term given to the period of British history opening the 20th century when King Edward VII was settled; though it extends from the 1890s until World War I in 1914.

Among its features, the dawn of liberalism, the belief in modern rationality and progress; but it held back on other areas such as arts per say, with the beginning of "Art Deco" in architecture and the end of the "Arts & Crafts" ideals.

Then Artists were influenced by technological advances such as electricity and the automobile. Also the era leaned toward dresses made of lightweight fabrics for a more dynamic lifestyle.

Thereby, the most suitable answer is: "Restrained elegance in art, fashion, and architecture"

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