How aware are you of the two different opposing “wolves” operating within your mind, one of which leads to pain and a diminished sense of life and the other to a joyous, meaningful, and fulfilling life?
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Answer: Very aware. The two opposing "wolves" are the two sides of our minds that appear when we deal with a situation. We encounter the noble side and the dark side, leaving us the decision of which one to follow.

Explanation: In psychology, there is a concept that is called "the two wolves in the brain", which is the presence of two different voices in a human's head, one wolf leads to fear, pain, and a diminished sense of life, located in the limbic brain, and the other one leads to joy, happiness, and forgiveness, located in the prefrontal lobe. Every human being is aware of the existence of both since we encounter them in every situation we deal with in life, having then the choice to follow one or another.

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