Question 4 of 20 Rank the structures in order of decreasing electrophile strength. Most electrophilic Least electrophilic Answer Bank H H CF3 H CF3 H
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Electrophile is a substance that is lacking in electrons and is attracted to a region that has electrons available. Electrophilicity is a qualitative measure of electrophiles ability to attract electrons.

When it comes to electrophilic compounds, they react readily with nucleophiles.

The correct order of decreasing electrophilic strength is given below:

CF3 > CF3H > H > H


Electrophilicity is defined as the ability of an atom or a compound to accept a pair of electrons in a chemical reaction. The electrophilic compound is one that easily accepts electrons from another compound.

Fluorine and the trifluoromethyl group, in particular, are highly electron-withdrawing groups that make the carbon atoms of the methyl groups significantly electrophilic.

The fluorine atom's high electronegativity creates a significant dipole moment in the C-F bond, resulting in a polarized carbon atom, which enhances its electrophilicity.

Therefore, in this case, the order of decreasing electrophilic strength is CF3 > CF3H > H > H.


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