Arrange the following amines in order of decreasing base strength. Rank from strongest to weakest base. To rank items as equivalent, overlap them. View Available Hint(s) NH3 (CH3)2NH CH3NH NH,Br Strongest base Weakest base The correct ranking cannot be determined. Submit Previous Answers Request Answer
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The amines should be ranked in the following order, decreasing base strength Strongest base: NH3 (ammonia), (CH3)2NH (dimethylamine), and CH3NH (Methylamine) -NH,Br The weakest base.

What is the ranking of acidity?

Results for "rate the acids in decreasing acid strength" as an image.

When Cl's oxidation state in its oxyacid increases, so will the acidity of the solution. The highest level of Cl oxidation is found in HClO4, which is followed by HClO3, HClO2, and HClO.

Which acid is the most potent and acidic?

For instance, the pH of pure sulfuric acid is a staggering -12, while that of nitric acid is 1.08 and hydrochloric acid is at 1.6. As a result, sulfuric acid is the strongest "normal" acid you will come across.


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