Suppose you would like to go ice-skating. To see if this a good idea, you decide to check the daily newspaper for a weather report.What specific information should you look for?
a. The 90-day forecast
b. The time of sunrise and sunset
c. The temperature
d. The average wind speed
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If I plan to go ice-skating, in order to see if this is a good idea, I should check the temperature in the daily newspaper. The correct answer is C.


All the other options are not useful if I want to ice-skate. The first one is not helpful because I want to go today, or tomorrow, I don't need a 90 day forecast. The time of sunrise and sunset is not important because I can ice-skate during the day or night, and the average wind speed is not necessary to go ice-skating. The only option possible is C because by knowing the temperature we will know the state of the ice rink and which clothes to wear before going out.

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