Consider the circuit shown in (Figure 1). Assume I = 0.86 A. Part A What is the value of resistor R?
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According to the question of circuit, the value of resistor R will be 10 Ω.

What is circuit?
is an electrical network consisting of connected components that allow electrical signals or power to pass through it. The components are usually connected by conductors such as wires, cables, or printed circuit boards. Circuits can be simple and consist of only a few components, or extremely complex containing thousands of components. Circuits can be used to control machines, computers, household appliances, and more. They are used in almost every area of electronics and electrical engineering, from the communication signals in a cellphone to the power distribution in a skyscraper.

R is calculated by Ohm's law, which states that the voltage (V) across a resistor is equal to the current (I) multiplied by the resistance (R). Therefore, R = V/I = 6V/0.86A = 10 Ω.


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