Select all the intermolecular forces associated With NaCl? a)Ion-dipole b) London Disperson c)H-bonding d)Dipole-dipole
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the intermolecular forces associated With NaCl Is option (a)  )Ion-dipole.

Ion-ion forces: Intermolecular force between two ions with diametrically opposed charges. like NaCl.

In solutions when an ionic chemical is dissolved into a polar solvent, such that of a solution of table salt (NaCl) in water, ion-dipole forces are at play. Note that because they include two distinct species, these must be solutions and not pure substances (an ion and a polar molecule). Intermolecular forces may be classified into four categories: dispersion, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding, and ion-dipole. Ion-dipole interaction is the most important and powerful intermolecular force that exists between sodium chloride (NaCl) and carbon monoxide (CO) It lacks both hydrogen bond acceptors and donors (hydrogens bound to O, N, or F) (O, N or F). Therefore, it is unable to establish hydrogen bonds with water. It cannot be solved at all.


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