Write a research-based argumentative essay for or against health care for everyone.
please hurry 75 points
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Health care should be free for everyone. Not everybody can afford this and because of that, not only individuals, but families as a whole suffer. If health care was free and accessible to everybody, there would be a decline in the spread of diseases as more treatment would be available.

Some people might say that health care should not be free for everyone, seeing as that could potentially bring down our economy. However, the opposition against free health care is not a valid fear because many European counties have free health care and their economy functions fine.

In conclusion, free healthcare would benefit and protect many citizens. It helps the majority of people and is the best solution.

(This isn’t the best and you should likely add a little to it/reword it so it sounds like you. Maybe include a research article and take a few statements out of that, then cite it.)
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