choose a selection from the crossing borders unit, write a short explanation of how the individuals in this selection is affected by a border crossing can someone please help me
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A very significant passage that can be quoted is:

"As an immigrant, there had never, for me, been a place which I inhabited and felt comfortable (happy?) enough to call home. Life had always been moving around in search of another opportunity, in search of another community."

What is the impact of this passage on the book?

  • Show the discomfort of immigrants.
  • Show how immigrants feel displaced.
  • Show a lack of sense of belonging.
  • Show how immigration affects people's psyche.

We can say that the sentence shows how the difficulties of immigrants go beyond the difficulty of adaptation. Immigrants feel out of place and feel that they have to look for opportunities all the time.

This impacts the characters by showing that they will never be accepted and that their search for harmony and quality of life will never end.

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