What does Ponyboy Curtis want to control?​
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Ponyboy's most important ambition is to win his brother Darry's admiration and devotion. He feels betrayed by his older brother, who has been raising him and his younger brother since their parents died.

He feels like a burden and a hindrance, and all he wants to do is make amends' in his brother's eyes.

What does Curtis, the ponyboy, care about?

Each member of the greaser gang has distinct characteristics, with Ponyboy's being the most detailed.

While most greasers are described as "hard" or "tough," Ponyboy enjoys reading books, discussing sunsets, and reciting poetry.

Pony is fascinated by everything from books and movies to nature's complexities. He can even recite a poem from memory in the right situation. Pony's passions separate him from his family and friends.


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