To plan ahead using REPS and Checks, choose the minimum space cushion needed to maintain folloying distance traveling at 25 MPH (for a cargo van)?
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The minimum space cushion defines the required amount of space which vehicles should maintain in other to afford them the time and space to gain control in emergency scenarios. Hence, the minimum space cushion required in the scenario is 4 seconds.

In cases of mishaps or accidents, the space cushion might just afford other cars the space to maneuver their way to safety rather than being caught up in the collison or accident.

The required space cushion in most scenario is usually between 2 - 5 seconds, with additional space afforded depending on the length and type of the vehicle.

Therefore, to ensure safety, the required minimum space cushion to be left when driving being a cargo van traveling at a speed of 25mph is 4 seconds.

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