IPDE stands for ____________. A. Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute B. Interpret, Predict, Divide, and Execute C. Identify, Predict, Deal, and Emergency D. Identify, Predict, Determine, and Execute
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The answer is A. Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute.


The IPDE method or process consists of steps that assist drivers to avoid accidents in traffic. It helps them drive in a more mindful manner, since it is common for people to drive on "auto-pilot". That means driving becomes automatic with time, so people do not pay full attention to what they are doing and what is happening around them.

The letters IPDE stand for identify, predict, decide, and execute. In defensive driving, drivers should aim to:

  1. identify possible dangers in the driving scene;
  2. predict where the problem may take place;
  3. decide the best strategy to avoid it;
  4. execute the strategy by taking action (maneuvering the car).
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