1. Reading check (a) Which is the first tribe Hiawatha establishes ? (b) How does the group of dissatisfied people cross the Mississippi ? © According to Hiawatha, Which tribe has the greatest orators ? (d) What does Hiawatha refuse to do in the end ?
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The answers to the questions from "Hiawatha The Unifier" are;

  • A. The first tribe that Hiawatha establishes is the Mohawk tribe. They were first given the name, Te-ha-wro-gah.
  • B. The group of dissatisfied people crossed the Mississippi on a wild grapevine that extended to both banks of the river.
  • C. According to Hiawatha, the tribe with the greatest orators was the Senca tribe.
  • D. In the end, Hiawatha refused to become the Chief Sachem of the five tribes.

The story, "Hiawatha The Unifier" is about the origin of the five Native American tribes. Hiawatha who descended from heaven formed the tribes and gave them their portions of land.

He was known as The Great Unifier because of his peacemaking and unifying role in the relations of the five tribes. Hiawatha also taught the tribes a vital lesson on unity when they were to be attacked by a group of savages.

When he was to return to heaven, the people pleaded that he become their Chief Sachem but he refused that and recommended that they chose a woman among them for that role.

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