Using this passage, explain how Spence’s argument affects understanding Mayan History:

“Unluckily the accounts of Spanish authors concerning Maya mythology do not agree with the representations of the Gods delineated in the codices. That the three codices have a mythology in common is certain. Again great difficulty is found in comparing the deities of the codices with those represented by the carved and stucco base reliefs of the Maya region. It will thus be seen that very considerable difficulties beset the student in this mythological sphere. So few data have yet been collected regarding the Maya mythology that to dogmatize (represent the absolute truth) upon any subject connected with it would indeed be rash. But much has been accomplished in the past few decades, and evidence is slowly but surely accumulating from which sound conclusions can be drawn.”

- Lewis Spence, The Myths of Mexico and Peru, 1913
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Using this passage, Spence’s argument affects the understanding of Mayan history in the sense that:

  • Spence claimed that so far there is a considerable level of disagreement or differences between the accounts of Spanish authors and how they described the gods in the ancient manuscripts.
  • Also, there is a great difference in how the gods were described in ancient manuscripts compared to how they were built or carved physically.
  • And also there is little information regarding the Maya mythology to conclude which account is true and absolute.
  • And finally, there is no sound conclusion yet about Mayan history.

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