which comes first in the traditional order of a essay

the body
background information
the thesis statement
the hook
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The hook is the part that comes first in the traditional order of an essay.

An essay is a type of text that corresponds to the exposition and argumentation of a topic of interest (generally academic topics) with a logical discursive order and with reliable and truthful bibliographic support.

The basic structure of an essay has three main parts. The first is the introduction, where a first approach to the subject of the essay is given from the author's position. Second, the body of the essay where the topic is developed through valid and truthful arguments to support the author's position. Finally, the conclusion where the final reflections on the subject are made and statements resulting from the essay are established.

To get your readers' attention, an essay introduction should contain an opening statement (which should be eye-catching to get the reader's attention). This initial declaration is known as a "hook" and is the first element. The introduction also includes information such as generalities of the topic and the thesis, in which the position of the author is announced.

According to the above, the correct answer is D. The hook

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