Draw the best lewis structure for bro4- and determine the formal charge on bromine
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Answer :

Lewis-dot structure : It shows the bonding between the atoms of a molecule and it also shows the unpaired electrons present in the molecule. The electrons are represented by dot.

The given molecule is, perbromate ion.

Bromine has '7' valence electrons and oxygen has '6' valence electron.

Therefore, the total number of valence electrons in perbromate ion, [tex]BrO_4^-[/tex] = 7 + 4(6) + 1 = 32

According to Lewis-dot structure, there are 14 number of bonding electrons and 18 number of non-bonding electrons.

Formula for formal charge :

[tex]\text{Formal charge}=\text{Valence electrons}-\text{Non-bonding electrons}-\frac{\text{Bonding electrons}}{2}[/tex]

[tex]\text{Formal charge on }Br=7-0-\frac{14}{2}=0[/tex]

The Lewis-dot structure of perbromate ion is shown below.

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