Which symbol can be used to indicate the pressure at which a chemical reaction is carried out? 25 degrees Celsius over a right arrow. Delta over a right arrow. 2 a t m over a right arrow. Upper P t over a right arrow.
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2 atm


Chemical reactions are carried out at a certain rate. Sometimes that rate is quite slow, so we want to speed things up, which is usually used by increasing temperature, increasing pressure or adding a catalyst (a substance that increases the rate without changing itself).

If this is the case, then, when writing a chemical equation, we state these special conditions over a right arrow.

Now let's look at the answers:

- 25°C is a value and unit of temperature

- ∆ is a symbol that denotes change

- 2 atm is a value and unit of pressure (atmosphere is old unit for pressure)

- Pt is a chemical symbol for platinum, an element often used as a catalyst.

So, the correct answer is C) 2 atm

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