Which is the IUPAC name for NO?
nitric oxide
binitrogen oxide
dinitrogen dioxide
nitrogen monoxide
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The IUPAC name for NO is nitric oxide. The correct option is A.

What is IUPAC naming?

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is a global organization that represents chemistry as well as related sciences and technologies.

The chemical compound's identity is represented by its common and IUPAC names, which differ from one another. Every chemical compound has multiple names.

Complete the following step-by-step response: The IUPAC nomenclature is a standardized name given to organic compounds in accordance with official naming rules.

Nitric oxide, also known as NO, is a colorless gas. It is one of the most important nitrogen oxides.

Nitric oxide is a free radical, which means it has an unpaired electron, which is sometimes represented in its chemical formula by a dot.

Thus, the correct option is A.


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