Which type of figurative language is included in
this passage?
Drops of water fell on the red blanket and
soaked into dark icy spots. [Father Paul]
sprinkled the grave and the water
disappeared almost before it touched the
dim, cold sand; it reminded him of
something - he tried to remember what it
was, because he thought if he could
remember he might understand this. He
sprinkled more water; he shook the
container until it was empty, and the water
fell through the light from sundown like
August rain that fell while the sun was still
shining, almost evaporating before it
touched the wilted squash flowers.
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The type of figurative language that is included in this passage is Simile.

What is Simile?

This is a figure of speech that makes use of comparison to show the qualities of two distinct things using "like' or "as"

Hence, we can note that from the given passage, the simile is used as there is the narration of Father Paul pouring down water and describing it as falling down like August rain.

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