Draw the Lewis Dot structure for RbIO2.
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Rubidium Iodite is an Ionic compound made up of Following two ions,

                                1) Rb⁺ (Cation)

                                2) IO₂⁻ (Anion)

Now in order to draw the lewis structure of Iodite ion (poly anion) we will follow following steps,

a) First add up the number of valence electrons of all elements,


                    Number of valence electrons in I     = 7

                    Number of Valence electrons in O1 = 6

                    Number of Valence electrons in O2 = 6

                    Number of negative charges           = 1



b) Secondly draw I as the central atom surrounded by two oxygen atoms. Connect I with each O atom via a single bond and subtract 2 electrons per bond, so,


                                                             - 4



Now, divide these 16 electrons on all elements starting from most electronegative atom. You will find that each oxygen atom will atain 6 electrons in three pairs and I will attain 4 electrons in 2 pairs, after that make a double bond between one O and I so that the formal charge of I gets zero.

Hence, the structure of Iodite will be as shown below,

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