When your accelerator is stuck, _____.
A. turn off the ignition
B. restart the engine
C. keep the ignition on
D. reach for the accelerator with your hand
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Option-(A):turn off the ignition, It is the best choice to choose from the given four options, as we have the following explanation.


  • A person with a stuck accelerator:

If a person faces an issue relating the gas pedal or the accelerator, one should always firstly make him self calm, as been confused will increase the level of tension and elevate the level of casualty during any accident.

There are also a few steps to follow in order to control the car, which are;

  • Shift the car to neutral,
  • Turn off the ignition,
  • As warn all other drivers and public on the road by flashing your hazard lights, to let them know your are facing an issue with the car.
  • After the car somehow slows down then apply the brakes on the car.
  • If it helps out, then contact the local authorities for any further assistance.
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