Which is true of NATO?
A. It was an intelligence-gathering organization.
B. It turned Western Europe into states controlled by the United
c. It included countries from Eastern Europe.
D. It was designed to oppose Soviet military power.

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D. It was designed to oppose the Soviet military power.


NATO was a military alliance which was established in 1949 by North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on April 4, 1949. Its headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium. The members in 1949 were, The US, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg,. Greece and Turkey joined in 1952. West Germany joined in May 1955 and  it a turning point in the history of Europe.  It also prompted Soviet Russia to form Warsaw Pact with its satellite states.  After the end of cold war and disintegration of USSR, three former communist countries , Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland also joined the NATO. In 2004 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Roumania. Croatia and Albania became member on NATO. The main purpose of formation of NATO was to oppose the Russian influence

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