What are the consequences of global interaction?
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Global interaction means that each country interacts with each other on a global level. This gives people the ability to communicate with each other all around the world.

Consequences can be either good or bad thus the consequences of global interaction can be either good or bad.

Good consequences:

  • Global interaction gives people the ability to talk quickly and efficiently through means such as telephones and the internet.
  • People become more exposed to different cultures and are given access to different recipes, languages, foods, animals, and traditions.
  • Through global interaction, companies in different countries are able to trade with each other easily and more often.

Bad consequences:

  • Diseases can be spread quickly (e.g tribes who are isolated and become suddenly exposed to new people can become sick because their bodies are not used to the sudden introduction of germs).
  • Politics can become easily aggravated through the use of social media.
  • Animals can be introduced to new countries and become pests and drive away the national species.
  • A breakdown in production or delivery in trades can affect the world/global economy.

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