repayment on the Perkins loan begin
A) 2 years after college graduation
B) at the end of the calendar year
C) at the end of each semester
D) 9 months after you leave school
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After graduating, leaving school, or dropping below half-time status, you have nine months to start repaying. Therefore, option (D) is correct.

What is a Perkin loan?

A Federal Perkins Loan, also known as a Perkins Loan, was a need-based student loan that was a part of the Federal Direct Student Loan Program and was made available by the United States Department of Education to provide financial assistance to college students in the United States so that they could pursue post-secondary education.

If you are going to school at least half-time, you won't have to start paying back your student loans until nine months after you graduate, stop going to school, or drop below the half-time enrollment threshold.


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