Given the parenteral drug labels, you need to measure the dosage of sodium chloride. Determine the amount of solution you should draw up on the provided syringe to obtain the required dosage. Make sure to have your answers checked by your instructor for accuracy.
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To measure the dosage of sodium chloride, follow these steps:
  1. Since both the ordered dose and the available drug strength are in mEq, no conversion is needed.
  2. The label indicates that the available drug contains 4 mEq in 1 mL.
  3. Let the required dose in mL be represented by ‘x’. This means that 40 mEq should be present in ‘x’ mL.
  4. Set up the equation: 4 mEq/1 mL = 40 mEq/x mL and solve for ‘x’.
  5. Simplifying the equation, we find that x = 10 mL.
  6. Mark the value of ‘x’ on Object S.
  7. Have your calculation checked by Person I to ensure accuracy.
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