The button on Quinn’s pants has a radius of 4 millimeters. What is the button’s area? Use 3.14 for π pi. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest hundredth. square millimeters
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The area of a circle with radius r r is given by the formula A = π r 2 A=pir^(2). We are given that the radius of the button on Quinn’s pants is 4 millimeters. We can substitute r = 4 r=4 and π = 3.14 pi=3.14 into the formula to find the area:
A = π r 2 = 3.14 4 2 = 50.24 sq mm A=pir^(2)=3.14*4^(2)=50.24" sq mm"
Therefore, the area of the button is approximately 50.24 50.24 square millimeters.
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