What are the most effective methods of remembering dreams?
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"One of the simplest and most effective methods of remembering dreams is to record dreams in a dream journal as soon as one wakes up. After waking, the practice should be to lie in bed with closed eyes, thinking about the dream. At this time, one should record the overall impressions of the dream and any details that can be remembered in a journal. One should take care not to overanalyze or censor oneself. As this practice becomes more and more habitual, the descriptions should get more detailed and more accurate. This makes the dream journal a useful tool for comparing and tracking dreams.

Since dreams often occur throughout the night, another way of catching dreams involves setting an alarm to go off at different times during the night and then writing down any remembered dreams. Since this will interrupt the sleep cycle, it should not be done on a day where something important will occur early in the morning.

Another technique is to remember dreams through self-conditioning. By telling oneself throughout the day that dreams will be remembered, it actually becomes more likely that they will be. For this technique to be most effective, at least once an hour repeat, “I will remember my dreams.” This technique requires a lot of willpower to succeed, but it can work well. It can also be used to have lucid dreams, which are dreams in which the individual is aware of being in a dream state."

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